From The Kerb – Roadside Prayer


I took this some time back, in Chandni Chowk. It was morning, and this man had set the prayer flowers around his little roadside shrine before starting work for the day

I shot using a 100 ISO film.

For this one, I added a Nik Vignette, and that is about it. I adjusted the levels just a but to ensure that I got a decently balanced tone ‘structure’.

B&W film is something that I absolutely adore.


  1. You must forgive me my lack of ‘Art Appreciation,’ and ‘Things Photographical,’ but what Impresses me is the Man’s Devotion, and Your Excellent Capture of the Subject. Kudos, my Dear Rajiv, and Thanks (It is Uplifting!) and Regards.

  2. The black and white gives a timelessness to it. You can see the devotion on the man’s face. Well done, Rajiv.

    1. In general, yes. But sometimes colour works

      Have you deleted your blog? I went there last night, and it said that the page was not found

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