Lokispeakz: In The Dark (2)








You wake up in the night, and look at yourself in the mirror.

Look deep into your eyes, and what do you see? Do you see what I see?

I look into my eyes, and see deep, expressionless pits. My soul is damned. My soul is empty.

I see the eyes of a killer, a madman. I see the devil inside myself. I see my evil twin.

When does he emerge, and how does he emerge from time to time? Smothered under most of the time; smothered under by the niceties of social life, he surfaces every now and then, and smiles at me.

He just smiles, with those empty, cold eyes, and I can almost feel the cold malice as it creeps towards me. It is cold, implacable, merciless and full of glee. One more dead soul to consume.

Mine. He is ready for the feast, and I can feel his icy breath upon my spirit, as he prepares to dine.

What can I do to escape? Is there release from his venom?

Where can I go? Is he me, or am I him? What is there inside me?

Evil becomes me.

Evil becomes you.

There is no escape. None. We are trapped forever in a vortex of madness, spite and malice.

All prayers are useless. They are delivered to the Devil’s mailbox, while we struggle and weep and pray in churches, in temples, in synagogues and mosques.

There is no hope. None

My eyes have no expression. Do yours? They are bottomless pits in a dying world.



  1. I never really look that deeply into my eyes. But as for my face, I see my father more and more each day. He is a good man. I hope to be the same.

  2. Wonderful, the picture seem amazing .. Whatever you wrote you picture justifying it , but when I saw last night in my eyes , I saw nothing but peace , I was happy all night celebrating myself with my company , and delivering poetries with the labour pain of thoughts ..

    1. Thanks! I have been wanting to do another 4 part one called ‘She’, but I am not getting the buzz..

      Rider Haggard would not mind, I am sure

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