The Magic Frame: Landscape Pro


Screenshot 2016-05-31 12.52.16

One of the things I have learned through painful and expensive experimentation over the last few years, is to experiment with free trials thoroughly before buying software. In many ways I am done with buying new software and installing too many filters on my computer.

Some of the filters are gimmicky. Some are heavy on the pocket, and if you are not careful, you can slow down your computer a lot.

I had, for instance, bought all the Topaz Filters, and I use just a few of them.

Recently, I downloaded a trial version of one called Landscape Pro. You cannot save files when you are on the trial version, so I have taken screen shots.

The picture above is the original. This is the Ganges River, as it meets the plains from the hills just before Rishikesh. This is the point where it is actually called The Ganges. I had hooked my feet into some rocks, and was lying flat down on the rocks when I took this shot.

Now, look at the version below.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 12.52.20

The colours are a bit better. However, I have changed the clouds, and have toned up the colours a bit.

You start by selecting elements that you want to edit – like water, sky, trees etc and then slide the sliders until you get the effect you want.

I find that making the selections to be fiddly, especially when you have skies through trees, and then the colours can be patchy

There are global presets, which allow you to change the entire landscape into, for instance a sunrise view or a night view. In one sense, you can say, “coo babe, that’s cool!”. Or, if you are old fashioned like me, you say, “crap man, this is not photography” in the truest sense. I tend to believe that when you do this, it is digital art masquerading as landscape photography.

I will experiment some more, but my overall impression so far, is that I am not so impressed with it.

However, go ahead and experiment.


  1. Oh!! Beautiful picture ,and lovely edit , but if you are changing the original colours by editing and bringing the effects where is the naturalistic feel ? I prefer the unedited versions of the nature , especially in Sunlight nothing like it .

  2. I am , from the old school and glad to know People like me or exists .. I am going Shillong next month in the arms of mother nature , I will capture the clouds from there . 🙂

  3. Nicely done! I have most Topaz but I also use just a few. I LOVE Denoise…that’s the best noise reduction software imho. I love impression & glow at reduced opacities and blended with other techniques. But I’m doing more and more in photoshop without the plug-ins lately although I can’t live without Nik Color! 🙂

    1. I use more of Nik Analogue, and I use Nic Silver Efex a lot. I also use Nik’s noise reduction software and not Topaz!
      What I do like is Topaz Impressions and the Texture Effects
      My editing is mostly in RAW, and I have moved to very simple editing… Let’s see what I do in the future

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