Monochrome Madness – Closed


I hope that I got the challenge right!

As far as I remember, it was to be ‘closed’ for this week


    1. the shutter of a shut shop. i had plopped down on the road, like a beached whale. my tongue was lolling out of my mouth, and i sat in the shade (it was 47 celsius) and took this shot

    1. hey cool! thanks!

      and, thanks to you, as soon as I change my internet provider, I will explore and study luminosity masks!

      1. I got the computer, but my internet connection has become bloody slow.

        Am planning to change the provider over the weekend. Let’s see after that

      2. We just increased our internet speed here through our cable provider. It’s so much faster! Hope you get that all squared away soon.

      3. I am changing mine, My speed has slowed to 1kbps!! This, despite having a leased line. And I am switching to another chap who promises very fast speeds as less than half the cost

      4. Of course I can do things! I start a download, go make a sandwich, come back and eat it. Have a beer. When I am done, the download is complete as well! Multi-tasking!

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