Lokispeakz: In The Dark (1)



What do you see in the Dark, my friend? What do you feel? What do you think of, when you turn out the light, and where do you go?

Does your mind go to happy places, where the fairies dwell? Or, do your darkest fears come rising up from the deep? Do you toss and turn, while the spirits dance their evil ways around your soul?

Do you fear the dark, and wonder who is there, waiting for you? Do you welcome the dark, and make friends with the creatures of the night?

Is the night so bad? Is the dark so bad? Can you let the cold embrace of the dark cool your fears, while the fiery light burns you to a cinder? Why do you fear us, we who dwell in the shadows? Have we done much to harm you?

Is it that you have been conditioned to fear the dark, and welcome the light? Have the people who teach you just lead you astray?

Would you like me to take you on a journey into the dark? Possibly, you may meet yourself. Possibly, you may see the madness in your inner eyes.

Possibly, you may shiver with fright.

Possibly, you will laugh with glee, possibly you will scream in the night.

Do you want explore the journey?

Only four parts more, I promise you.



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