May Percival Preen A Bit? Just a bit?


Is Percival allowed to preen a bit? Just a little bit?

Well, while the young pig knows that he will get some really awful reviews of the book from time to time, and that this is a part of the game, it really made him feel a bit chuffed to see that the first review that he received on Amazon is a five star.

Okay, this is the only review that he has received so far, but so what? A sole, five star review is better than no review, right?

Please do picture him, as the portly young fellow stands there, arms akimbo, with Jenna beside him, and a chortling Trix rolling on the floor with laughter.

Basil and Thyme, no doubt, are planning some practical jokes on him, as he stands there, swelling with pride as he gloats over that five star review, and struts about on the little stage that he calls ‘life’.

He wags a podgy finger at them and says, “Hah! I got that review. Not you!”

A small preen, my friends, I hope is in order….


    1. Which ones? Percy is aimed at younger people. I kept the language simple.

      But, when I do the travel book, then it will be aimed at native English speakers. Also, “The Journey To Hell”

      The picture book is one for all those who like street photography

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