The Journey To Hell – 13

The black sun rose in a colourless sky, 

Puss opened her eyes, and stirred with a sigh. 

She knew it was time to start her story. 

Lucifer waited, and would not tarry. 

A shiver went through her lissome body, 

A good mate she’d be, for any body. 
Lucifer waited; his eyes were blazing. 

Fingers crossed, he was not lazing. 

Eyes questioning, a smile sardonic, 

He looked at her, and spoke; his voice laconic.

“Come my dear, it’s time to begin. 

Your story, your adventures, tell me all. 

Journeys outward and journeys inward,

It’s time for you to start the ball.”
“Where shall I start?”, asked little Puss.

“Where memory starts, shall I begin my story?”

“Maybe so, maybe so. But tell me more.

Your parents, their friends, would interest me – sure.

Their impact on you, can always be measured. 

Think about them. Is their story so gory?”
Puss bit her lips, and started to frown. 

The memories came back, and she started to drown.

The images, the sounds, the myths and the legends, 

Of her parents, their friends, their lies and their deeds.

She took a step back, and heaved a deep sigh. 

“Okay milord, I will start, without lies.”
“Excellent, my dear. Now, let’s call for some tea.

We need to have something to eat and to drink.

Now, I know that your story will take you, close to the brink;

The mysteries, the fog shall be pierced in a wink.”

His eyes were so bright, but his smile hid his thought,

He closed his eyes, but his mind saw through all.   
 And now, “The Journey To Hell” has reached the stage, when I need to plan it out well, and possibly write it out over one or two concentrated stretches in the next few months…

Then, we see…


  1. Love the whimsy. It feels like a ballet, the way you’ve written it. It would be wonderful for a Mardis Gras fashion show with a poetry reading as the models sashay down the runway. ❤️

  2. All that I have read and heard about hell came tumbling one after the other in my little head on reading this one.These lines are reminiscent of Milton’s Paradise Lost : “Lucifer waited; his eyes were blazing. ” Nice can slightly send chills down your spine at the same time,it can also make you marvel at its beauty. 🙂

  3. I am having goosebumps with the thought of the journey to hell , very well penned and keeping me abound to read it again and again ..

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