Mongrel Verse: Summer

I seem to be doing more mongrel verse than I intended.. So, take this with a pinch of whatever.

Blame Esther Newton for this rash of mongrel verse from me!

The reason for the sun, is that movements on the sun’s surface – storms, sun spots etc have a significant impact on our climate

But, our summers just get more and more intense..

In the West, they love the summer
In India, it can be a bummer.
They love the sun right after the winter,
But here, it burns us to a small cinder.

This year it is hot – hotter than ever,
Memories of pleasant days have gone forever.
Our world is burning, who is to blame?
God, The Devil, or man – who bears the shame?

We blame El Nino, we blame the sun,
Then we blame Nature for spoiling our fun.
We drain the taps; we think we’re cool.
Then cry when there’s no water to fill the pool.

Our need for goods just grows and grows,
To feed us, the factories, they blow the fumes.
We ask ourselves why – why is summer so hot?
In our web of greed, we are always caught.

“It burns us, it burns us”, cried poor Smeagol
No Elven rope, our deeds burn us all.
But we need our summer, the sun is good,
It feeds us, it nourishes us, and gives us our food.

So, let’s not blame God, nor The Devil himself,
Let’s put blaming fingers back on the shelf.
The animals and plants can hold us to treason
If we continue to spoil, this very special season.


  1. The sun is so hot this month and last month it feels like July and August but was only April and it’s still only the beginning of May, in Canada, that minds a horrific wildfire season (which has already begun with Canada’s most severe environmental incident in Canadian history), and of all things, it’s by the tar sands, very dangerous stuff.
    Global warming is to blame: human caused.

    1. He is cooking us as well. Do you know that temperatures in Churu have crossed 50? The hottest place in Rajasthan touched 51.5

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