Introducing Percival


I have spoken to some of you about Percival. This is the book that has just been published on Amazon.

The whole experience is, in a way, unnerving, because I do not know the first thing about book publishing or marketing.

This was originally a blog. I would write an episode, and that would be my kid’s bed time story. Then, the blog disappeared. It was gone. Poof!

Since I remembered it, I ‘edited it down’, and rewrote it as a book. The blog was long and rambling.. The book is slightly better.

So, for those of you who have the courage to go through it – do pop into Amazon and buy it! The book is called “Percival: The Mrodic Wars”. I have put in the links below..

The first paragraphs read like this:

“Percival was a pig, and the proudest specimen of pig that could be found in all of Percival’s Land, for that is where he lived. Percival’s life was uniformly happy

and followed a routine that was generally unvarying. His father had left him with enough money to keep him and the next two generations in comfort, and without the need for work. But work he did, for Percival loved money, and he loved to be important. Yet, he did not spend his days and nights slaving in the office. He worked at a comfortable pace, as and when he felt like. He had a sort of genius for making money, having managed to multiply his father’s legacy to no considerable extent.

So yes, life was very comfortable indeed. Percival would wake up and lie in bed reveling in the smell of clean, fresh sheets. His butler, Mortimer, would bring in his tea, open the blinds and leave Percival to savour his morning cup whilst gazing out at his garden with its profusion of colourful flowers.”

His life, at that point unknown to him, was about to change forever…

Amazon India link

Amazon USA link


      1. Oh! That is one of the markets I plan to photograph.. One of my cousins lives on Pusa Road… I have not been to KBagh in years!

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