The Magical World Of Fractals. 2


I was tempted to start writing about the maths involving fractals.

Then, I said, nah.

Just enjoy the beauty of these patterns


  1. I love fractals. I remember hearing they are related to the chaos theory. Everything is interdependant. The one that says a flutter of a butterflies wing on one side of the globe effects the local weather on the other.

    1. I did not reply in detail

      For me, fractals are like going into the world of mystery. Almost like diving into your subconscious ..
      I remember the days that I used to look at scanning electron micrographs, and I would hold my breath every time. There is a beauty and mystery in nature that is constantly revealed to us if we allow ourselves to feel the magic

      1. Yes, I love electron microscope photos as well! And I also think the math is too much (for me, anyway).

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