Mongrel Verse. Songs

Okay, you have to blame Esther Newton for this one. I was not planning to write any Mongrel Verse this time, but she came up with the idea of a poem on the theme of “Song”.

A bit of history, if I may.

“The Unending Saga of Percival The Pig” was a blog that I used to write for my kids. I would write an episode, and then that would become their bed time story. I wrote about 160 episodes of a long, rambling saga, and then one day the blog disappeared. Poof!

So, I re-wrote the whole thing as a book (Percival: The Mrodic Wars), which I am now thinking of having published.

Oh!! As I write this, I got the news that it will be published by the 20th May. So, now I start to panic. Officially

Percival was the finest specimen of pig you could find. Portly, pompous, he loved his monocle and Top Hats. Basil and Thyme were his rivals. Basil had cast his evil eye on Bessie, the love of Percival’s life at the time.

When Bessie disappeared on their honeymoon, Basil and Thyme teamed up with Percy to go in search of her, and thus Percival’s life takes a turn.

Percival was wont to break into song, and fancied himself a great singer. These two poems do not appear in this book, but if there ever is a sequel, maybe

However, the others have slightly different views on Percival’s singing, as you will see, from Basil’s song below.

Percival’s Song

I am the King, and I am strong,
I am the slayer of those who wrong!
Don’t cross my path, or you will cry,
To smack you hard, I am not shy!

Defender of the poor am I,
Doers of evil, you shall cry!
Remember my name, it’s Percival,
Defender of man and animal.

My name is Percy, don’t call me Pig!
Else your Fate, I will make you dig.
I am King and I am strong
I am the slayer of those who wrong!

Basil’s Song

Percy’s singing, have mercy please,
Will no one in Heaven hear my plea?
His voice it wails, and it screeches!
It makes us shiver down to our breeches!

His voice will wake the sleeping dead
Their bones shall jump out of their bed!
His voice it wails and it whistles
It feels like I’m being scratched with thistles!

Oh prithee please, oh prithee pray!                                                                                                             Have mercy please, can you hear my wail?                                                                                               Lions and tigers, birds and bees,                                                                                                                                   Are praying on their bended knees!

My name is Basil, my wife is Trix
When she hears his song, she feels sick!
My friend is Thyme, his wife is Sally
They run for cover, and do not dally!

His wife is Jenna, and she always cries,
“Why is he singing? Why, oh why?”
Percy is singing, have mercy please,
Will no one in Heaven hear our plea?




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