Monochrome Madness: Bombay


A view of Bombay. I was on the boat to the Elephanta Caves

What you see is the Gateway of India, the Old Taj Mahal Hotel on the side, and the new Taj towering over the Gateway.

This is really a beautiful part of Bombay.

The Gateway was built to welcome British Royalty to India

It is, instead, the place from where the last British ships left India after we gained independence.

One era ended, and another era began.


  1. That photo stirred up memories of our stay in Bombay. I remember we walked into the old Taj Mahal Hotel and inquired how much it would cost to stay for the night. If we had stayed there our trip would have been over in one night.

    1. Oh yes… That is one bloody expensive hotel. It is nice to walk around in, and for those with big expense accounts, a wonderful place to stay in
      For the rest, it is a visual delight

      1. It was a visual delight but you would be a mark if you stayed there. We were at the Hotel Godwin on Garden Road, Colaba Causeway. It was affordable, clean, unpretentious and very friendly.

      2. They had security in the elevators and around the building. We were treated very well there. (Not as pretty as the Taj. )

      3. Oh, we Indians are now security mad… And, I mean mad in the sense of lunatic mad.
        Barriers and barriers and still terrorists get in from time to time, and women still get raped

      4. In a way, yes.. But then, we’ve had lots of problems with violence – terrorist and internal.

        I was once almost caught by a mob.. I escaped by the skin of my teeth.. The sight of a raging mob rushing towards to, even if you are not the target, is bloody frightening.. This, I can tell you..

        Movie heroes whack mobs with the lift of their eyebrow. In real life, sadly, that does not happen!

  2. obviously still tired as I wrote a reply and lost it, together with a photograph of the Gateway to India taken in 1930 or thereabouts… to show the contrast. Oh well…

    1. It’s called “Percival:The Mrodic Wars”

      I was expecting it to be out in 15 days, based on the feedback I got. Then, I told my sisters, and they said -it’s out already!

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