The Magic Frame: Monochrome Mania


Over the last weeks, when I posted a Holi picture, and I gave it a textured, monochromatic feel to it, some of you felt that it was spooky, surreal. Some thought that the photograph looked like an army of mummies; that the photograph was almost hypnotic; that you would not want to come across those men on a dark night.

Oh, I did think of calling this post, ‘Monochrome Madness’ but, I thought that Leanne Cole may spank me, so I called it Monochrome Mania.

Colours evoke emotion. This, we know. The original picture was taken during the Holi celebrations, and is a period of intense celebration and colour. It is a time when the seasons change. I shan’t go into the history and mythology of the festival at this point.

Monochrome photography is generally deemed to be black & white photography. Colours have been removed. However, what you have in monochrome photography, are three colours – black, white, and shades of grey.

Monochrome, literally, means ‘one colour’.

These two Holi pictures are actually quite monochromatic, and the different interpretations evoke completely different emotions.

Have a look at the two images below, and let me know what emotion each evokes in you. The editing process for each has been extremely simple.




  1. I have to start with a ‘Wow,’ my Dear Rajiv! I shall have to think of Using this method for my posts. You have given me Ideas, for which Thanks.

    As for the two photographs, the first one said to me: ‘Move on, quick.’ And the second one spoke of Joy!

    Great Work. Keep it Up. Regards. 🙂

  2. You seem more with the red tinge and I would rather like this in my hallway…but the monochrome one is more atmospheric and I would not place this in my house in case I walked past it in the night and scared myself silly

  3. You can see more of the individual faces in the red photo so it isn’t ominous like the other black /grey/white one. It does impart more of a celebration to the photo.

  4. I like the top one. It feels real to me. The bottom one all I see is red and find it quite jarring. (I am not a fan of a lot a red). I have been messing around with GIMP a lot lately and trying to capture the right mood is something I find very challenging. It’s fun though!

    1. Yeah.. Strangely, I did practically no colour tampering with the red.

      I think that I am now tempted to do a Black Holi set of edits

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