Every now and then, I take up the weekly writing challenge put up by Esther Newton. The challenges are fun. They are quite ingenious.

One of the challenges during the last week, was to do a poem on War.

I am not a poet. Far from it. I write, what I call, “Mongrel Verse”, and I plan to copyright that term.

Having said that, here below, is my little bit of mongrel verse on War. Not the old rock group, War, but the activity that politicians love to send men and women off to engage in.




Raise high the God of War,
Let’s fill the streets with blood and gore.
We must fight with all our might,
And we must avenge every slight.
What’s yours is mine, you little slime;
I’ll kill and plunder till all is mine.

I’ll take your woman, you little shit.
We’ll kill everyone, bit by bit.
The world will shake with the thunder,
And drown under the weight of plunder.
Your’e in my way, and that’s your blunder.
We will push you six feet under.

There is only one God, and he is mine.
I’ll smash your temples, and your shrine.
Your festivals are just sacrilege
We’ll bury your customs, and your language.
We shall raise my God’s Temple,
But first raze yours, it’s just that simple.

Milord, one day, when all is yours,
And when you rule, from shore to shore;
There’ll be no people, no more fauna,
The world will be shorn of all it’s flora.
Will you then raise high, the Gods of War,
Or quote the Last Raven, “Nevermore”?


      1. I was planning to write something myself about war but my heart wasn’t in it. Your poem might work very well. So i’ll start working on the music and decide how the lyrics should go. When I get it done I’ll email it to you. How does that sound?

      2. It’s not mongrel verse, Rajiv. There’s a lot of feeling there. If I had written the verse it probably be more of – don’t let your children go to war. It will take some time so I’ll get working on it.

  1. Its a great poem. Very rousing. I like the way it rhymes. I hate those ” modern” poems where the stanza doesn’t match. So I read it and felt quite inspired and could hear myself saying it. I will read it again

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