Jallianwallah Bagh. Amritsar. 13th April, 1919

This is a blog post that I wrote for Sarah, on her excellent blog, firstnighthistory.wordpress.com
Yesterday was Baisakhi, a festival celebrated in my home state of the Punjab. It is also the date when, 96 years ago, 1,650 men and women were brutally shot down on the command of Gen Reginald Dyer.

First Night History

Please welcome fellow blogger Rajiv Chopra who has written a guest post at my urging about this profound stain on British conduct in India. Thank you, Rajiv.


‘I saw three men writhing in great pain and a boy of about 12. I could not leave the place. The boy asked me for water but there was no water in that place. At 2 am, a Jat who was lying entangled on the wall asked me to raise his leg. I went up to him and took hold of his clothes drenched in blood and raised him up. Heaps of bodies lay there, a number of them innocent children. I shall never forget the sight. I spent the night crying and watching…”

plaqueThe above is an excerpt from the diary of Rattan Devi, who spent the night of the 13th April, 1919, in Jallianwallah Bagh. Her husband was amongst those…

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  1. Oh dear me, my ancestors did a lot of bad things. We are still doing a lot of bad things. I do wish it would stop, enough people have suffered.

    1. I think that the honour of doing bad things does hot lie exclusively with the West
      Though, the Brits do have to shoulder much blame for the crap in South Asia.
      Much blame… Not all the blame

      1. All I can hope is that we have learned some well needed lessons. The approach of the West can not discount the sophistication and richness of other cultures. However, I fear we still have much to learn.

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