Monochrome Madness: Holi


Holi is the festival of colours

The original picture is also monochromatic

I created a dark, textured version.

It is dark, brooding and somewhat surreal


  1. It reminds me of an army waiting in the dark for the attack. Very effective in monochrome but it does have and element of foreboding.

  2. Great pic – I agree with the army look. I saw your comment about where my sitar came from but in the process of trying to answer I deleted it! I’ve done that several times and no idea how. Anyway, I know it is in the southern part of India – I think you are correct. Peace . . .

      1. Yes, Naeem and his family are muslim – and thoroughly disgusted with the whole terrorism thing.

      2. I think that most people forget that most Muslims are just like any of us, and just want a good life for themselves and their families

  3. A very different take on Holi! Like it.
    Though up until I read your description, I thought these were dark chocolate truffles with a background of cocoa powder…I guess I am just super hungry 🙂

  4. yes me also. I thought they were mummies. Not unusual from you, as I think you like to shock and cause effect! As one of our lady politicians once said ” …he has something of the night about him…!” Its spooky but good, but I wouldn’t like to look at it on a dark night as it is slightly hypnotic

    1. Heh!Heh! No, no… I am entirely innocent of shock value.
      Still, next Friday, I will put two monochromes side by side. Then, you can compare

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