Young Love: A Story In Parts


Some would have you believe that Americans entered their lives, and that Ira was about to go off with Jed. But no. None of that.

Why would she go off with Jed, into a world of danger, thrill, mystery? Why would she want to taste the forbidden fruit? No. She was much to settled and mature for that.

Life settled into a rather comfortable routine. Work during the day, preceded by a rather hurried breakfast. Dinner was generally out, as neither had the time to cook during the week. Cooking took place on weekends, or they were out to dinner with friends and family. Their kitchen was rather clean and bare. Why did they need a full kitchen?

They both loved tea, so they chose a flat (apartment) with a balcony. Luckily, they lived in the hills, not too high, and could sit in the balcony, sipping tea and reading their books on the weekends, or when there was nothing else to do.

Yes, it was a peaceful, somewhat humdrum life, and there was nothing on the horizon to disturb the peace. Not even the prospect of a baby. Neither wanted one, and neither wanted grand children to dandle on their knees either.

One day, when the breeze was somewhat chilly, Jay shivered. It was evening, and the sun was going down. As is often the case in the hills, the wind started to have a howling sound, like breeze being pushed through a tunnel.

“It’s the sound of ghosts talking”, said Jay, somewhat pensively. The hills have always been full of ghost stories, one more fantastic than the other.

“Ghosts don’t exist”, scoffed Ira. “Don’t be daft.”

Somewhat miffed, Jay turned away. Ghosts do exist, he thought to himself. It’s just that there is no one opinion as to the form of a ghost. Some say that they are good and evil spirits. Others say that they are wraiths of people long dead, but unwilling to depart. And yet others say that ghosts are beings of other worlds. Some even believe that they are our fears come to haunt us.

Come what may, ghosts do exist, he thought.

That night, he tossed and turned in bed. He seemed to moan in agony, and Ira slept blissfully besides him

Voices spoke inside his head. They collided with each other, and tumbled around like tangled cobwebs.

A pause.

How do I, the narrator, know this, you may ask?

Can you guess the answer?


      1. I don’t even want to think about it, Rajiv. What the USA does affects all of us. What we don’t need is a raving lunatic in the White House.

      2. Her husband was behind a lot of the deindustrialization of the US. He sold out long ago and I have no doubt she would do no better. Besides she is too trigger ready for war.

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