Lokispeakz: Eleven (11)


It has been a strange time in my life. I have not seen Death in a long while, nor walked alongside with him. Life has moved along, and while Death has been around, I have not really come across my friend in a long, long while. I wonder why this has been so.

Meanwhile, I wandered the streets and the markets, kicking the stones idly; and, wondering at all the change that has been taking place in the world.

Killings, bombings, rape, religious killings and strife are everywhere. People are being killed or maimed because they refuse to bow to the officially sanctioned belied systems. Is this something that God has ordained? Either way, Death has been unusually busy, I suspect.

Believe in me, or else. But then, as I have wondered many times, which God are we talking about? Are we talking about the Hindu God? Oh wait, there is no one Hindu God. The Muslims, the Buddhists, the Jews, the Christians each have their Gods and their splinter groups. Each of these splinter groups seem to have different belief systems from the other.

Each says, ‘my way is right, and I reserve the right to kill all those who do not follow my way’. Please note, my dear mind, how the word ‘right’ has two such vastly different usages.

It is my right to choose to worship my God. It is your right to choose to worship your God. But, my God is the one God, and your God is the one God, and his God is the one God; and her God is the one God. The tigers must have one God, and lions must have one God, and cows must have one God. Of snakes, we are confused.

Oh, my God! Or, should I say, Oh, my Gawd! Bless my soul! There are so many ‘One, True Gods’ in the world that I am not surprised that the one true God is becoming totally bemused and confused by all the noise in the world.

Poor God!! Is God a male, or a female, or a monkey or a cow?

It’s not easy being God, I thought. No wonder the prevalence of schizophrenia in the world is increasing. If God has so many identities, then God must be the ultimate chameleon. So, there you have it.

God is a chameleon. End of story. End of discussion.


Now, I am going to assume that the same applies to my friend, the Devil.

A monster or a Goat?                                                                                                                                      Or a White Faced Man in a Coat?                                                                                                                 A joker, or a clown?                                                                                                                                 White faced or brown?

The Devil, they say, walks amongst us, and that we all need to find God. If, as I have just proven mathematically, God is a chameleon, then we have found God. However, we do not know how to recognise God, and this is where the problem lies.

We simply do not like the idea of God being a chameleon. It does not gel with our idea of God being a gentle, beloved old soul sitting up, somewhere in the clouds.

But the Devil, he walks amongst us, and some would say, that the Devil lives inside us.That means we are – all of us – the Devil, and we are therefore absolutely justified in trying to kill each other, and this is because we all recognise the Devil in each other.

Damn. This is a pretty problem.

If we all kill each other, then the last living being can commit suicide, and then will the Devil cease to exist?

“Maybe so”, said a sly voice. “Maybe so”.

“But consider, if the Devil ceases to exist, then maybe God also, will cease to exist. Have you learned nothing of what I told you?”

I looked at him and smiled, “Death, old friend. For to long have you been away. For too long have I walked without you, and have been left to my own meandering thoughts.”

A red line moved across his pasty, white face, and I seemed to see a line of blood moving across his face as he smiled.

“There is not point, kicking up the dust, and wondering about God and the Devil. They both exist inside you. They are, as I have said so very often, joined at the hip. Call them the terrible twins if you must, for that is what they are. Shades of each permeate the other. They are each others twin, each the mirror half of the other. When God sees himself in the mirror, he sees the Devil. When the Devil sees himself in the mirror, he sees God. Kill one, and the other one dies. I saw their birth, and I shall witness their death.”

He vanished, without a goodbye, leaving me once more with my tangled thoughts.


  1. Intersting thoughts. I have a friend who belongs to an all faiths church. I like that idea. If we all believe and understand all religions then wars over religion would cease to exist.

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