Young Love. A Story In Parts


After I posted this, a young lady who goes by the moniker, Looney Bitch, asked me if I would start a story about this, and she agreed to write the next episode in the comments, and then suggested that we try and make this a collaborative story – by all those who wish to add in a bit.

Let’s see how this goes.

Preamble: The Jantar Mantar in Delhi, is an observatory in Delhi, that was built by the Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur. He built four or five of these, in Jaipur, Mathura, Delhi and Varanasi. the one in Mathura seems to have disappeared.

Young Love: A Story In Parts

Their love was destined. It seemed almost as though they had been born for each other. They fell in love almost as soon as they saw each other. Besotted, they sought each other’s company out at every available opportunity. They discussed marriage. Their parents were supportive, their friends were supportive, and there did not seem to be a speck in the sky that would ruin this.

She was a sporty girl, and Ira was her name. He was more studious, and Jay was his name. Yet, the differences in their interests did not matter. No, not at all. In fact, they revelled in their different interests, and supported each other. Their parents were happy for them, as were their friends. A simple marriage was planned. Neither came from a rich family, and all they wanted, was a simple marriage with close friends and family around, to bless them. They were set for a very happy, married life.

The end, you would say, to a rather trite love story. The end, you would say, as this story was about to become rather cloying in it’s sickly sweetness. Marriage, kids, grand children. They would do well in life, and become solid, respectable citizens, who would be a model of a happy marriage, and an example to us all.

This is the end, sang Jim Morrison. This is the end. 

The end of the story, you say? Think again, my friends. Think again. Why would I start this story, if it were to be so tame and predictable?


  1. Whence comes the twist in the plot? There has to be a twist to the plot. Drama, intrigue, an unforeseen separation…
    A bomb goes off in the market place and the lovers are unable to find one another.

  2. Shards of falling glass rain down, chaos runs along the narrow corridors of the avenues they used to walk hand in hand. The sky grows thick with smoke, but two hearts that are inseparable reach out for each other even through the maddness.

  3. So their lives took on a predictable pattern. Each day, a sunny day but like the one before. Neither could see the storm clouds forming and forming they were in the guise of an American. Poor Americans they get the blame for so much but none more so than Jed. Young; tall; enthusiastic; and certainly not look for any sort of complications. He had ventured almost to the other side of the world to escape. Certainly he had entered a new world. A different type of world. A world that was vastly different to his. He would be able to lie low; recover; escape.

    Ira was not in the picture. The equation or in fact anything in his life. But there she was. Smiling to herself and he would swear she was humming as well. Lovely and certainly completely different from the girls he had seen before. He felt drawn to her. An odd sensation. He could not avert his eyes but began to stare at her in a most unseemly fashion.

    Ira of course, being Ira, would not meet his gaze. Would not look his way but inwardly she smiled. She felt flattered and knew it was dangerous. All thoughts of Jay went crashing from her mind. She flushed. (Did he see her?) and before she could extend her hand to greet him she knew it would almost certainly develop into more than a handshake. She took a deep breath and raised her eyes to heaven. If there was ever a time to pray… it was now.

    1. Yet, she did not pray, and she and Jed became closer and closer. He presented her with a world of fantasy that she had not experienced before.
      On the other hand, Jed looked at her strong, lithe, sportswoman’s body, and decided that this was perfect.
      He took her for long walks, and spoke to her about freedom. He spoke to her about the oppressed, and gradually fired her up with a passion that she had not experienced before.
      Where was he leading her?

      1. Frankly, at that point, she didn’t care. And worse, her current and seemingly ” perfect” life now seemed tarnished and dull. It was the road of the Devil, but she was taking it nonetheless….

      2. The Devil was in their souls. The Devil was in their blood. They moved together like twins, spending more and more time with each other.
        It was then, when he thought the time was right, Jed introduced her to his scheme

  4. This story could go on in joy and delight but life isn’t always like that as most of us know. In due course they started a family and the first born was twins, two identical girls. The delivery was not easy and Ira did not recover from the delivery.

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