My First You Tube Video

I uploaded my first ever YouTube video.

This video was shot while standing on a crumbling wall, in Vrindavan, during the Holi celebrations. Lazy me has just sorted the pictures out now.. Damn…

I had climbed up on a crumbling wall, and I shot this using my phone. Over the next year, I will use my Coolpix to do this. However, I could not do so two weeks ago, as the crowds were quite heavy, and I did not have a spare bag for the Coolpix.

Anyway, I discovered:

  1. I spoke in a sing-song voice… This has to be corrected!
  2. I have no clue about editing videos. Blimey! More stuff to learn!

Good, bad, ugly or sing-song, here it is!


  1. That was great Rajiv. It was a wonderful way to share the event. Your voice is fine. I felt like I was there too. If you start a Youtube channel I’ll subscribe to it. I was thinking that I should do more sharing of our country, Canada.

    1. Actually, ….
      1. When I have a few more videos up, then I will start a channel
      2. You should share some stuff about Canada. that would be very cool. I have friends there. I did want to go to Vancouver to do a PhD in corrosion. But, I was so lazy about my Statement of Purpose that it did not work out

      1. My husband did his Phd. in Physics at University of Toronto with a fellow from Bangalore. That was many years ago.

      2. Rajiv, we are looking for a lady from India named Rashmi Kashyap this is her web site Soul and Spirit. Her email is but it has gone silent since last December. do you think you could look into this?

      3. She has a number of followers that are concerned about her because she has gone silent. She may have moved we don’t know, but we do care.

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