The Magical World Of Fractals. 1


One of the ladies I interact with, from time to time, is the rather talented Caryl N. You can find her on Flickr, if you click the link that is embedded into her name.

Anyhow, somehow, we got corresponding after she saw my post called “Lokispeakz: Where”, and from there, I ended up in the rather wonderful world of fractals.

I did read about fractals a year and a half back, and vowed to come back to it, but never did. The world of fractals is mesmerizing, to say the least. They are repeating patterns that are often found in nature.

To quote from, read this definition:

“A fractal is a never ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. The are driven by repeating a simple process again and again in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems, the picture of Chaos”.

It is a rather simple and complete definition, I may add.

The most common fractals that are generated by computer are Mandelbrot sets and Julia sets. These are named after Benoit Mandelbrot and Gaston Julia, and are independent of each other.

Enjoy! While I make some feeble attempts to delve deeper into this. My mind is spinning, and wondering about how I can use these creatively.

Oh…. using the power of technology, i created the pattern above…



  1. Oh oh oh!!! I’ve wanted to to fractals forever but the program I wanted (can’t remember what it was right now) only works on a PC. 😦 Maybe they’ve got it set for the Mac now. I’ll have to look into it. What a great image Raj! Love your creativity!!

  2. Love it, it’s the most wonderfully organized chaos or is it a lollipop, or a galaxy sniping out of control, or I’m getting hypnotized by a snake eye…I don’t care, it’s a BEAUTIFUL creation!

  3. Amazing photo–The Magical World of Factals. I found you on Jason Cushman’s site. You called him “M’Lord,” and I thought it was funny. I also teach about the Middle Ages. I am interested in photography and have blogged about it often. However, your photography is light years better than mine. Maybe you could check out my site.

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