Monochrome Madness – Asleep

Sleep-BWDSC_0035 1

Who, old man, will sing a song for you when you die?


      1. We do try to get people to go to shelters for the night but some don’t want to go. There are a lot of people with mental health issues on the streets.

      2. I an imagine.. I did some research on this for a photo essay I did… Sadly, no one wanted to publish it.,
        They found the anonymity of the soles of the feet that belong to homeless people to be repulsive..

        Since when, I asked one publisher, did homelessness and misery become pretty?

      3. I think it is our duty to speak for these people who can’t speak for themselves. If we do it with our art, our photos or our music it brings it into focus. Governments have to step forward and take some responsibility for it too.

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