The Journey To Hell – 12

“So, tell me your story:, said Lucifer to Puss                                                                                                   “Whence came ye to question The Word?                                                                                                   Whence came ye to doubt our dear Lord?                                                                                                        Why do you question the teachings of God?                                                                                                   Why did you come down to my lair?                                                                                                                           I know you do not think me fair”

“I have time, a very long time. It’s good, it’s fair                                                                                         You can tell me your story, you can start to share.                                                                                        We start as believers, then come the questions.                                                                                          We start to wonder, then comes the hunger.                                                                                                  The world starts to spin; life’s on a pin.                                                                                                            It hurts, you blurt, and you start to curse”

“What should I curse? What should I hate?”, asked Puss to her host,                                                    “Your talk often just seems a boast.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Milord, you smile, you jest, you flaunt;                                                                                                            You walk around with a merry jaunt.                                                                                                                     Why do you laugh? What is so funny?                                                                                                         After all, you don’t live in a place that’s sunny.”

“I was cast out of Heaven”, replied Lucifer                                                                                               Some say I am a liar,                                                                                                                                                  Others say that I would disgrace a friar.                                                                                                             But truth, my dear, is a dangerous thing;                                                                                                        It can singe, or make your heart sing.                                                                                                                   A lie, you know, can do the very same thing.”

“So, I am Prince. Prince of Darkness                                                                                                                  Yet I reveal, what the light does conceal.                                                                                                              Where does good stop, and evil begin?                                                                                                                No one knows, and never ever will.                                                                                                                    So, let’s not wait, let’s not tarry;                                                                                                                        Your Time is passing, come tell your story”.


  1. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
    A “WoW” for the Sunday morning..
    Ravij did a good one on this post,
    I thought it was worth sharing..

    “What should I curse? What should I hate?”
    Questions that never grow old 😉

    1. Part 1 started with the following lines:

      “Puss in Boots went down to the roots,
      Of love, hate and desire.
      And, what she saw there, set her heart afire
      For she saw that God is a liar…”

  2. it was sublime and far out of my league. Brilliant stuff…
    It raises a lot of questions… you need to supply some answers at least 🙂 ( I always seem to be on the wrong course..)

  3. Brilliant, your point of view makes us wonder upon some things…good and bad, black and white, day and night, left or right, wrong or right, yes or no, to be or not to be, these are question and always will be…and as you said: “Your Time is passing, come tell your story”.
    Sir, you’re a genius as well!

  4. I like your new layout of text and also this addition to your wonderful writing! 😀 I’m going to work on some art for your poem you sent. I like that idea! 😀 you have a lot of wonderful ideas! 😀

    1. Hang on to the artwork!

      I am going to expand that poem about the fairies… Shall finish it tomorrow…

      Then, you can do the artwork

      The poem is inspired by your black and navy outfit, you know…

    1. You couldn’t find them? Okay… Let me check and then I shall send you the link.. This one started out as a whim.. Then, it grew. I took a break from it, because I wanted to avoid it becoming repetitive and cheesy

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