Pilot Fish Trailblazer Nominee: The Iron Man of India

P.A. Moed

I am delighted to announce this week’s guest blogger, Rajiv Chopra, who is introducing his third trailblazer nominee: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.  Rajiv is a very talented writer and photographer who is writing about several Indian trailblazers to open our eyes to Indian culture, its history, and its people.

The Great Divide

The nation of India was born, on the 15th August, 1947. Pakistan was born on the 14th August, 1947.

The border between the two countries was not revealed until a few days later. What followed then was a period of howling madness. Hindus from the new Pakistan lost their assets and came to India as refugees. My family was amongst them. Muslims from India suffered likewise.

http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/06/29/the-great-divide-books-dalrymple Source: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/06/29/the-great-divide-books-dalrymple

What followed was an orgy of violence. New-found hatred gave way to bloodshed. People who had been neighbours for generations, hacked away at each other. An estimated half million to one…

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    1. Yes, I will be happy to do a guest post for you. That is a very interesting blog you have.
      What aspect are you looking at? The end of Hindu rule in 1192, and the advent of Muslim rule in India? Or, something else?

      1. Ah… Jallianwallah Bagh…. I have been there….. It was emotional, seeing the bullet holes in the walls.. Okay. Let me research it, so that I get a more neutral perspective.
        I am travelling to Mathura this week, so shall start it on my return. Do you have a timeline? And, where do i send it?
        I shall send it to you from my email, which is rajivchopra.photography@gmail.com

      2. Yeah… It is one programme that has somehow managed to stay reasonably fresh as it has evolved. So many others have become cheesy… I am also watching ‘Breaking Bad’, even though the show has ended.

      3. We occasionally get some of the old ones here in Crete. I haven’t seen Breaking Bad on any of the channels. They repeat what they do have ad infinitum. If I have to see another Top Gear or Harry Potter it will be too soon!

      4. I’ve just realised we were talking at cross-purposes re Big Bang Theory. I was talking about a documentary series and I suspect you were talking about the US comedy! The latter leaves me cold. 😀

      5. I like the comedy… It’s fun! However, they should look at ending the show.
        But, I like reading about the original, Big Bang. It is fascinating

    1. Good question… The roots, in my view, lie in the British divide and rule tactics from 1858. It suited them to drive a wedge between the Hindus and Muslims. The Hindus of today are stupid enough not to learn from history.
      Jinnah was a nationalist, and some say that he was driven to the idea of Pakistan by Nehru’s intransigence, and Gandhi’s doddering. Finally, the Queen should never have recalled Lord Wavell, and sent in Lord Mountbatten. He was the worst thing to happen to India at that time. Even the date he chose for India’s Independence – 15 August – had nothing to do with India. It was to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the Allies in Asia. 26th Jan, 1929 is when we declared Swaraj, and so, 26th Jan 1950 is the date that we declared ourselves a Republic. Complex history. Much of the events of 1858-1947 are under appreciated in the west, and I think that the roots of modern terrorism lie in these events

      1. There again the west has meddled into other’s business and left a mess behind. This modern terrorism is troubling. i’m thinking of a song in my mind – not yet written, but about war and a broken man.

      1. It is a fascinating country. It is a disgusting country. It is one that, I think, needs to rediscover its own soul

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