Monochrome Madness: Good Morning Pollution

Good Morning Pollution

This next bit of doggerel, which is a “work in progress”, represents this picture well, I hope:

” Good Morning Pollution, how you make my day                                                                                                                                                                         Somehow, you just never give me a say;                                                                                                             My lungs are black in March and May,                                                                                                                   My Dear Pollution, how you make me pay.

Good Morning Pollution, what do the leaders say?                                                                                     We hear them on TV, we hear them everyday                                                                                            Oh they just talk, and they just bray;                                                                                                                 And they carry on in their merry way.

Good Morning Pollution, can you hear me sing?                                                                                     Life’s too short, let’s just have a fling.                                                                                                       Oh what, oh what do the leaders bring?                                                                                                     Just shiny talk and lots of bling.

Good Morning Pollution, how you make my day,                                                                                   We cough by day, and puke by night,                                                                                                                        We fight the blight, with all our might                                                                                                       My Dear Pollution, how  you make me pay.

Good Morning Pollution, how you make me pay                                                                                     Every day, we are in the bay.                                                                                                                                   The sick, the sick, the sickness bay!                                                                                                                  Good Morning Pollution, how you make my day!”

A few weeks back, I woke up to the pollution.

Our wonderful leaders argue about who is Hindu, and who is not. They argue about nationalism, and what defines National Pride. They do not argue about, or bother about, making life better for the citizens. They don’t talk about reducing pollution, or providing better infrastructure, or reducing crime and corruption. 

These are non-issues. Pollution, for instance, and our dying planet and rivers, are not important. What is important is defining who is a Hindu, and who is not.


  1. Sometimes they argue about these things to avoid tackling the difficult yet more important issues…and to distract people’s attention. Lovely photo though!

      1. I agree, and that is why people don’t pay attention. There are no status points for being environmentally friendly. Have a peaceful day, Rajiv.

      2. Thanks, and you too… Keep smiling. It is the 8th, and you wanted this to be a ‘smile’ day… So, here is a smile for you!

  2. An other dirty issue under the rug! Who is ever going to look under there and clean out…till then we all keep on coughing and puking as you say!
    Love the poet in you Rajiv! Great photo and post!

    1. Thank ye, kindly! Well, I can only do doggerel poetry… Have to work on my “epic doggerel” project called ‘The Journey To Hell’…

  3. Pollution is the dark side and much harder to deal with or solve than one’s nationality. The picture depicts it perfectly.

    1. Thanks! Normally, I like to take my morning cuppa chai outside onto the balcony. The pollution was awful, and this was not even a normal winter. I wonder how bad it would have been if we had had a proper winter

    1. Well, thank you very much. I have seen your blog, but have not commented much.. Too much time stress these days. Having said that, I hope we get to communicate more often

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