A Smile For Sabiscuit


Sometime back, a young lady who goes by the moniker, Sabiscuit,ย did start a project on smiles, which was to have been put up today. She abandoned it, because there weren’t too many takers.

the smiles were to go up today. So, even though the project was abandoned, I figured that it would do no harm in posting the smile that I made for her, the day I agreed to participate in the project.

We need more smiles.

George Harrison once said that he would return to England if people would start to smile more often. He had one super, toothy smile, bless his soul.

Well, we can add a few smiles, and make them go around.

What say?


  1. Rajiv, thank you so much for this. Was feeling a little “blah” today and this was just brilliant. Thank you so much. I have had requests to get back on the horse so I hope my mojo will return so I can do just that. Your support is much appreciated. Thank you so much. I am adding this illustration to my “Friends say hello page” so that new guests can find you. Warm regards, SB.

    1. Hi! Well, I hope that you are not feeling that ‘blah’ now! Oh, your mojo will return…. Do you remember that song, “LA Woman” by The Doors… Doesn’t Jim sing about the Mojo?
      Thanks for adding the illustration!

      1. I liked her smile project, and was a bit sad that she did not get too many supporters… So I made that one for her..

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