From The Cobwebbed Crypts: Anger

EPSON scanner image
Anger: Grant Road, Bombay

The 1-Challenge has moved to Flickr, so I may do something on that on other days than Monday. Let’s see

So, on Mondays, I may pick out something from the Crypts, dust the cobwebs off them and present them to you. I may also put up some more recent stuff. Let’s see how this evolves. Maybe, the whole look of the blog will change.

Anyhow,  this is one from the depths of time. I remember the month, and year that this was taken. It was shot in the afternoon. I left Grant Road Station in Bombay, and turned left.

As I walked down the incline, I saw the man walking with his wife and hitting her. No one knows why? Maybe, he was a drunkard? Maybe, she was engaged in illicit sex. Who knows?

I watched them, as they walked, one hitting the other. The passersby looked on.

At one point – the time I pressed the shutter – she turned and looked at him with venom. It was rather fast paced.

Look at the expression on her face, and in her eyes.

For those curious, I was using my Olympus OM-2n camera, with a 50 mm/f1.4 lens, and was shooting with either Agfa or Ilford 100 ISO film. Both have disappeared from the Indian market.


  1. It feels strange to “like” this photo, when I know the story behind it. But it’s an incredible photo, capturing a raw moment. And I always love your photography. Hope all is well, Rajiv-san.

      1. Thank you, Rajiv-san. I have been silently reading my favourite blogs, but have not been able to make new photos yet 😦 It is frustrating. I feel trapped by corporate life at times…

      2. I’ll tell more about in an email, if interested. As you know, there is no ‘privacy’ in the internet, and I don’t know who might search for my name 😉 I dream of a day when husband & I can ‘unlearn’ corporate…

      3. Thank you! 🙂
        Oh yes, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the “gung-ho” mentality of the group of people you mention. And I am not a fan of so called ‘multi-tasking’ 😉

        By the way, I could finally update my blog today. It was wonderful to go out and make some new photos.

      4. Oh very good! I am off to have dinner with my mom, so I shall pop by tomorrow..

        I am now writing an ebook on a one year long street photography project I did

  2. The reading I get from her look is “What are you looking at”. This was a very private moment carried out in public. I see hurt and humiliation on her face. You captured an interesting situation. I’m not sure she would appreciate it being caught in the photo, however, I’ll never tell. Nice work Rajiv.

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