1-5 Challenge!!! Kalinjar in Sepia


Donzo asked (can’t find the link!), and so here is the sepia version of Kalinjar Fort!

The other four versions are shown below.



  1. I occasionally blurt out what is on my mind and I also like to teach methods of doing things. I hope you don’t get offended – perhaps you may find it constructive. Ultimately, how you do your art is your decision. Looking at the sepia version on top I would like to see how it looks with the sky darkened and the scene lightened.
    I would tackle that in Photoshop and use adjustment layers:
    • A brightness/contrast adjustment layer to lighten the scene – paint out he sky on the mask to hide the sky.
    • Then another brightness/contrast layer to darken the sky while hiding the scene.
    • Then B&W adjustment layer.
    • Finally add sepia photo tint layer.
    I apologize if you know all this already. I really do admire your work.

    1. Thanks. Well, in this case, I decided to do nothing after I clicked the sepia action button. I wanted to see how this would look, without any further tampering from my end.
      Your points are very valid, and no offence is taken. None at all!

  2. Photography is so exciting because what we can do as artists is endless. I think I like the sepia one the best too, Rajiv. Keep tinkering away!! I myself must start taking notes when I tinker because then I forget what I have done. LOL I just like to PLAY in the editing room and not get all serious as an adult, but hence, if I am to remember what I did, I suppose taking notes would be appropriate. 🙂

    1. Do you use layers and masks? If you do, and don’t flatten your files, (and name the layers), then you have a record of all you did

      1. I do my digital art with apps, Rajiv, not PS. There is still so much to PS that I don’t know. I learn as I go, and it still is not enough, seeing they are always adding things.

      2. PS is a crazy programme. There is a whole industry around it.
        Well, then you have to write notes. I doodle on the IPad, and then I process the doodles using apps…. But, I always forget how I process these stick insects that I make

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