1-4 Challenge: Kalinjar Fort. Week 4 of HDR


I am rounding off this month, with an HDR rendering done using Lightroom. In general, I am happiest with Lightroom, if I want a realistic rendering.

In this image, however, I lost detail of the clouds and the sky. The colours, I think, are not too saturated. However, if I were to find fault with myself, I would have reduced the saturation in the wall colour.

I am waiting for the previous week’s images to load, as I type this. If they do get loaded, then you will see the progression across the weeks.

You may notice that, apart from Week 1, where I went a bit crazy, I have not tried to do anything bizarre this time around.

If I am not mistaken, next month is review month. I hope that Robyn is back!



Aurora HDR


  1. I’ve enjoyed this month with your realistic HDR tests and image (ok not week 1..lol) 😃😃
    Thank you I am back 😃😃 things are changing…come and visit me to read my One Four post please.

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