My Camera & My Chai: The Maths Of Parking


“My Camera & My Chai” now has a little smiley. This is inspired by a young lady who has a rather marvellous blog called ( my name for it) “Sabiscuit”.

Now, last week, I had gone with my daughter, for her entrance exam. She gave the exam, and I sat on the roadside, like a good dad.

As I did so, I started to think of India. My India. Our glorious heritage in mathematics. It is known that we gave the world the number ‘zero’, as well as the modern numbering system.

So, obviously, we know all about parallel lines.


So, as I sat there, my eyes suddenly popped over to the cars on the opposite side of the road.

As you can see, they are parked in parallel.

Some of you, who have been taught mathematics incorrectly, may gasp at that statement of mine.


You see, the notions of parallel lines has been taught incorrectly down the ages. The Western mathematicians who got the idea from the Arabs, got it wrong.

You see, when the Arabs got it from the Indians, the true concepts were lost in translation. It happens.

Now, what you will see below, is the true concept of parallel lines.


Now, do you see it? The two bars that seem to cross each other, but don’t? They, my friends, are parallel lines.

Trust me on this one.

Seriously now… Some of you seem to be sceptical.

Now, look at the cars again….


Do you see the similarity?

Mathematics…. is simple if you follow the true concepts.

We Indians invented parallel. It’s practice is embedded in how we park.

Our politicians, especially, the crazy loons at the centre of power these days, are proud of us.

We are, after all, living up to our true, glorious, mathematical heritage.


(Ooops!…. That last one is Latin….)



      1. Totally loved the sketches with the post, too. I mean, they’re so cute and illustrated the issue clearly. Keep up the good work, Rajiv. Of course, I’ve already had my Sunday chai. Have a good week ahead. xo

      1. Things need to improve all over the world.
        The album is called “Black Taj” and it’s on iTunes. You can hear most of the songs on my site because I’ve made videos of them. You’re most welcome to check them out.

      2. I will most definitely check it out… Normally, I listen to rock, blues, old Hindi music, world music… These days I am experimenting with some goth metal and death metal…

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