My Camera & My Chai: Those Indians. Their SUVs




Ladies and Gentlemen

What you see here before you, is a proud Indian with his/ her belly and his/ her big, huge SUV.

In the SUV, they growl like a death metal singer. Oh, and if you have heard the death metal group, Arch Enemy, you will know that their ex-singer Angela Grossman can growl. So can the current singer, Alissa White-Gluz

So, they growl. You see, the SUV (and, the bigger the better) gives them testicular, or ovarian, fortitude.

They are strong. The paunch, well hidden behind the steering wheel, now resembles a round and muscular abdomen. The belly is rubbed, the mobile phone is out, the shades are on, and with a scowl, our Indian is ready to rumble.

Who is the announcer who used to yell to the crowd – Are you ready to rumble? If I remember well, it was an announcer of the WWE, or the WWF.

You see the muscular resemblance? The showmanship. The bravado. The acting, all done to perfection.

Hoo boy!

Me, poor me, scoots away, when I see the monsters approach.

Like a mouse, I scuttle. I squeak, I plead for my life.

With a look of disdain, they let me live. They let me fight another day.

I sigh with relief.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is an India with his / her SUV…




Okay, now I cannot draw. But this picture has been done in three steps.

Step 1 – I did my stick insect drawing, using the Bamboo paper App

Step 2 – I added the wheels, and a nice belly with the Matter App

Step 3 – I edited it, in Photoshop Express, and added a frame.


      1. Your skills are wonderful. Definitely, the doodle made me smile. I especially appreciate the heads up on the cool apps. Having a downloadathon at the moment. ❤ ❤ ❤

  1. Gosh, I’m still holding my belly, just simple out of this world hilarious and perfectly on point!!! I mean that is how it is but believe me that’s not just over there, it is a world wide phenomenon!
    Your doodle skills are actually perfectly simplistic and good, you got the basics in proper order and that is the building block for a future artist in the making. 🙂 Love your humor, gosh we need more people like you, the world would be such a happy place! BTW nice muscle flexing move on the dude with that huge SUV! Love the photo! Thanks for the laugh Rajiv!

    1. hee! I am glad you like it! But, as you cannot see, I cannot draw. I wonder if I should tell you of the disastrous results i had when I tried to draw in Grade 5

      1. Well… you have to promise not to laugh.
        When I was in Grade 5, we had to take art. It was compulsory, and I was fascinated (like all young boys) by the idea of big, muscular men. My dad’s side had very tall men. He was the shortest at 5 foot 10. His brothers were 6 foot 4 and 6 foot 6. Sadly, I got my mother’s genes and ended up at 5 foot 7. So, big, muscular men were the thing
        As I would draw them, I was never happy with the size of their chests, and I would make them bigger and bigger until they started to resemble that of a busty woman. At this point, my teacher would hold my ear and haul me up!

  2. An Amazing and Exact Replica of our great SUV’s and their drivers. And a Very Good account about them too. …Did You forget to mention Arnab Goswami in Your list, or is he merely a ‘Yeller?’ …Me, I find the Sand Looter’s Lorries more of a threat in our areas. Regards.

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