Chimes of Freedom

I don’t know how many of you have heard this song, but it is one brilliant one. You need to listen to it very carefully, to get the lyrics, and then you realise how good it is. The version above, is by The Byrds

I was listening to this yesterday, on You Tube, along with the Bruce Springsteen version, which is brilliant as well.

Coincidentally, Lance Naik Hanumantappa died yesterday. He was stationed at the Siachen Glacier, which is considered to be the highest battlefield in the world. It certainly ranks as one of the most hostile environments.

Temperatures touch 55 degrees Celsius below freezing, and there are winds that are between 150 & 250 Kilometres per hour.

There was an avalanche, and he and nine of his colleagues were buried under 25 feet of snow. When he was rescued, he was alive. Despite the best efforts of the Army doctors, he died.

When something like this happens, we all experience a rush of patriotism, and then life carries on. Politicians continue to fleece the country, as do rich businessmen and others of a similar ilk.

For the rest, he is just a name, and a face in a photograph.

Soon enough, it will be forgotten.

Peace is not obtained peacefully.

My dad was in the army, and I know that the Chimes of Freedom do not sound lightly.

India was born in a holocaust , as was Pakistan.  We forget too easily, and the Chimes of Freedom are taken for granted.

This is sad.


    1. I will check out his original version. But, I must say that, while I like his lyrics, I have never been much of a fan of Dylan’s singing. The same hold for Van Morrison.

      War, it seems, is endemic to the human race

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