Monochrom Madness: Smoke


This was taken in Chawri Bazaar, Delhi just last week. You have seen some other photos of the same place.

These two chaps passed me, as I was photographing the smoke, and whispered ‘pollution’ in my ear. Then, one of them turned and smiled.

Welcome to Delhi


      1. The air burns your eyes and it hurts to breath. People going out have to wear particle masks. BUT with it being winter, people fire up their wood burning stoves and drive off to WalMarts to buy sodas and chips. Amerika can be contradictory.

      2. It isn’t just the wood. It’s the industrial burning of coal and the oil refineries. We assault the atmosphere like the air we all breath belongs to the corporates. The situation is obscene.

    1. Thanks… Well, this year we have had a very warm winter. Temperatures are 4 degrees Celsius above normal.. The wood burning picks up in December and Jan..

    1. Smog, oh smog/ thou wonderful thing / your acrid smoke makes my heart sing / I cry and cry and remember God / Before he sets me down in a marshy bog!

      Forgive the doggerel… It just came to me….

      If you don’t mind, I may repeat it next week….!

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