1-4 Challenge: Feb Week 2. Kalinjar HDR


So, here I am, back with Week 2 now.

In this case, I converted the three files into one HDR image, using the Aurora for Mac programme, and a Landscape preset.

The colours were highly saturated, so I reduced the saturation levels, especially in the red channel. I also added a graduated filter layer, and reduced the opacity.

So, here you are.

For those interested, I am attaching the screenshot of the process in Photoshop.

As you will see, this is quite different from the image that I put up last week/

Screenshot 2016-02-08 13.06.16


  1. Magnificent place, exudes history very much so but in a different way then the image from last week. This is more of today’s reality, actually feels calm, quiet and silent compared to the other which was most dramatic, heavy, dark and kinda loud. Love both approaches, depends what you wanted for a message.

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