On The Street: Fire



This is another image from Chawri Bazaar.

Despite the warm winter, it can get chilly for a poor, homeless man on the street at night.

Never mind that the smoke is toxic, seeing as it is generated from burning plastic and other muck.

Another life.

A small speck amongst millions that die, possibly unlamented and unknown.

Just, a speck in the wall.


      1. People literally freeze to death in the winter. They try to bring the homeless into the shelters for the night when it is the coldest. However, some people would prefer to be outside rather than in the shelter.

      2. Here, they freeze in the hills. In summer, in the plains, they die of heatstroke. The heat can be really terrible here

  1. It’s a sad world wide issue…another life indeed.
    What I like about this photo is the fact that is divided between light and darkness and this fellow is on the dark side trying to get some warmth from the light side, it is somewhat symbolic, but thats only my view.

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