Back On The Streets – Chawri Bazar. Chaat Shop


I am back on the streets again. Last night. This time, I will be shooting at night, or before the sun goes up.

To make it fun, I will use my old Nikin D 200, and a 50 mm lens only. It is also a relatively low risk approach. If someone bops me on the head, then the financial loss in terms of camera is not that bad.

As you leave the Metro Station at Chawri Bazaar, you come to Ashok Chaat Bhandar, or Ashok Chaat Shop.

What is chaat? It is an Indian street food, in the snacky format. There are various forms of chaat, and can be salty, tangy and/or spicy. Generally never sweet

A well made chaat can send you to gastronomic heaven.

If your stomach is not strong, it can make you a doctor’s delight.

So, there was this gent, gobbling his chaat, surrounded by all sorts of chaat eaters. That foil thing he is holding, is his plate/ bowl

8 pm yesterday..


  1. I look forward to following your latest project, Rajiv – it’s a great way to document the ‘feel of a place’ – street photography with low lighting. Like shot with the side lighting falling on the main subject’s face.

  2. I would love chaat! We eat indian food regularly. There are quite a few Indian restaurants around here. The latest one is REALLY spicy! I love lamb vindaloo. ❤

      1. I always do that when I have the chance. (That’s why God invented Kuala Lumpur. I can go out for a chat and a meal at all hours.) 💛💚

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