One Four Challenge: Week 1. HDR – Kalinjar

Surreal & Bizarre

I am going to use this month’s One-Four Challenge, to explore various HDR techniques. I am kicking things off, by actually posting one that, in my opinion, failed.

So, hang me out to dry – or roast – if you must, and will. Be brutal..

This time around, I was trying to process these pictures of Kalinjar Fort, with Photomatix. For some blighted reason, the programme insisted on making the picture red and green. I ran it through the processor 10 times, but Photomatix was stubborn.

Screw you, ass, it seemed to say to me.

So, I glared at the screen and said, oh yeah?

On the 11th attempt, I decided to double tone-map it. I applied a surreal preset over the version that Photomatix dutifully dished out to me.

Was that enough? nooo. I said. I applied one more preset over what I was given, and went monochrome.

What you have, is something out of the world of dreams and nightmares,

As long as you keep that in mind, the image may work. Else, it does not.

What say ye, my friends?

I would insert a poll, but I don’t know how to do it!


  1. There is so much detail that is lost in this process, Rajiv. I’d love to see the original in a normal take. The effect does look dramatic.

      1. It is all very interesting what you do with the photos because it is very artistic, however, I would also like to see the untouched photos as well. It helps to understand what you have done.

  2. One could say is bordering the edge of dreams and nightmares, more of a nightmare for that matter. It feels kinda heavy, chaotic and over loaded with details, nevertheless somehow it sticks just like a bad nightmare!

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