My Camera And My Chai – I’m A Gonna Ramble

My Camera And My Chai

Now, I am high. It is 1 pm at night, here in Dubai, and I should be asleep. Too much beer, topped up by a concoction known as expresso martini, and i doubt I would sleep in a bit.

I popped into my hotel room, and had some crap that I should not. Then, I stood in front of the mirror and decided that I look five months pregnant. I have two months to get into shape and I have to move my butt.

Words… The American movie, “Avatar” made waves. But the way that the West uses “Avataar” is so completely different from the way that we use it in India. First, we pronounce it differently. Secondly, in India, it is not used for humans. An “Avtaar”, (the “A” is pronounced like ‘Uh”) is used in the context of divinity. So, Krishna and Ram are “Avtaars” of the God Vishnu. People don’t have “Avtaars”. Gods do.

Gods don’t have Avatars. People do. Note how I have changed the spelling now. We don’t use the word in the context of a movie or a computer face. That is a Western phenomenon.

Similarly, the word “Guru”. In the West, it is used to denote an expert, or some such crap. In India, a Guru is a teacher. He can be temporal, or spiritual. A Guru exists in his relationship with his student, his Shishya. He does not exist in the context of some crappy management article that he writes for a boring magazine.

Words change in the context, and the original meaning is often twisted out of their original shape. We Indians are guilty of this as well, I think. We are not saints.

Anyway, I was eating at a fancy restaurant called “Coya”, at the Four Seasons, in Dubai. I was not paying. I was listening to a couple of venerable and extremely wise gents. They were talking about the state of the world economy, and the fact that we may slide into recession. However, looking at the young, the beautiful and the rich gobble up their food, and imbibe their alcohol and dance to gay abandon, made me realise that the word “recession” is just a word for the rich. It just means that they drink three glasses of champagne, instead of four.

It is a relative world. Albert did us such a favour by bringing relativity into our lives.

And then there was this couple (couple?) sitting next to me. The guy seemed rich, and the girl was beautiful. They looked into their phones all evening.

Damn. Why don’t I have more money, and why was I sitting at a table with three other gents? I saw her eat her fish, and watched the ass gape at his phone. Why don’t some men realise how lucky they are? Maybe, they don’t care. Maybe, the screen is sexier than the woman across the table.

Who can compete with the screen of a smart phone? Poor woman. She did not realise who she is competing with.

Ah, the world we live in….

Words, phones, meanings, middle aged pregnancy….

I think I need to sleep….

Wan ‘An… Or, as we say in Hindi – Shubh Ratri!






  1. I think your friends – the gents are right, only it will be worse than a recession. We are going into a world wide depression. Hang in there Rajiv.

    1. You think so? Well, someone once tole me how to differentiate between a depression and a recession. A recession is when your neighbour loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job!

  2. That espresso martini was what did you in, Rajiv. You’re going to have some very sophisticated little babies. Good luck with the fitness regime. Rest well. xo

  3. I loved hearing about the differences in definitions! I love language. It’s interesting that the conversation of recession seems to be everywhere. I wouldn’t mind having a bite at Coya at the Four Seasons! I promise not to look at my phone even once. 🙂

      1. Thank you. 🙂 They don’t? I thought they really spoke to the standing in stillness as long as I’m in mother nature. I’m not a writer though. 😦

  4. wow that’s a post!! I see people head dipping in their cellphones daily, everywhere! to think that belong to this generation is so weird!! I second you, poor woman, she doesn’t know what she is in competition with!

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