I was on the road in Orchha. The rain came down, and visibility was almost zero.

Yet, it made for an almost surreal landscape.



Happy Blogging, and hopefully I shall be more regular…..



      1. Yes. I’ve even driven at 80 mph in weather where you couldn’t see the road in front of the car. The only reason I was driving so fast was the 18 wheelers I was following. I stayed far enough behind the bit long haul trucks to just see the red from their tail lights. At the time I thought if they hit anything, they would plow their way through and clear a path to give me time to stop.

      2. Oh wow. I have experienced similar stuff. The bigger challenge in India, is the fact that so many people nowadays choose to drive on the wrong side of the road.
        We have a deathwish

      3. Now that is a death wish—driving on the wrong side of the road. The trouble with that death wish is the driver on the wrong side of the road might kill someone who is driving on the right side of the road who didn’t have a death wish.

      4. True…. I was once threatened by a bus driver who was driving on the wrong side. Since I was with my wife, and he was much younger than me, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour

      5. If you were in a car, I think the bus would win. That would be similar to going head to head with a tank when on a bicycle. A head on collision with a vehicle simliar to what we drive can kill us. Imagine what a bus would do.

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