My Camera & My Chai – Those Killing Machines

My Camera And My Chai


Gentle Ladies, and Gentle Men

As your well-wisher. I thought it good that I write you all a letter to warn you of a new Killing Machine in town. Since you may, or may not, know what they look like, I thought I would add in a photograph of my humble Samsung mobile phone. This letter, however, pertains to all mobile phones.

On the one hand, they are useful machines, as they allow us to communicate with each other. They have all sorts of Apps bundled into them, and while these are useful, they drain your phone battery. This means, that your battery dies on you, when you need it the most. Alternatively, you could buy additional chargers and battery packs, thereby killing your bank balance.

What also helps to kill your bank balance, is the fact that these Apps use a lot of data space, which is not cheap. Think about it.

We can communicate oh so easily now. Through phone calls, text messages, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatApp, etc etc. We are always communicating so much through the screen that we forget what our companion’s voice sounds like, and what the expression in their eye’s look like.

Yes, we communicate, but we kill the habit of face to face communication. There may come a time when future generations will marry their cell phones.

Communication, as you know is a full time job. God forbid that other activities like driving be allowed to intrude upon our phone time. Sadly, the Apps do not have the ability to provide medical care when you have an accident, break your bones and car. But, in the future, there will be an App for this. Never fear, if you are not killed in a car accident, you will live to see the day when this App is born.

Did I, at the start of this letter, call the mobile phone a Killing Machine. Begging your pardon, kind ladies and gents, if I have disturbed your sensibilities.

Please don’t kill me with the Apps on your mobile phones.

Kind regards

Vlad The Bad.

(Vlad The Bad is the new avatar of the Shah Of Blah)





    1. Well….only use it when you need it. I know that’s very hard for most people….but you have to think of what’s more important….your communication & emotions for real people or an inanimate object.

      1. I watch people in my neighborhood and their attachments to the silly things. Maybe they should screw the devices to their heads. I don’t think life is meant to be lived that way. That is just me.
        On an unrelated note – more black and white imagery please. You work is powerfully dynamic.

  1. Thank You for this warning, my Dear Rajiv! Do have a ‘smart’ phone, but Alas, am not smart enough to know how to use it, even properly! So there.

    Do apps drain the battery even when those apps are not installed or used? Would be glad if You would enlighten me.

  2. See, even on the computer, I succeed in pressing the wrong things! Wanted to press the up arrow near the ‘send,’ but…

    Now, if Vlad has to be ‘bad,’ then I prefer the Shah Of Blah, please! Just Joking. Love and Regards. 🙂

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