One Four Challenge. December. Review 1

For this week’s review, I decided not to do any edit. Instead, I have decided to show the four edits side by side.

They go left to right, in sequence.

I had spent the afternoon, shooting bottles, at my cousin’s home. We were in his basement. The photographs I took were really bad, but I decided to try and rescue some of them using the Topaz filters.

Now, this shot came about by accident. The shutter speed was slow – half a second or something, and as I was lowering the camera, I was pressing the shutter without knowing it. What resulted was a blurred image and, it turned out to be the only one of that day that I really liked.

When I started off on the edits of the other pictures, I did decide to create cityscapes out of Topaz. For this one, I felt that the title “Urban Madness” was more appropriate, as I was trying to depict the various moods of an alcoholic haze. From fuzzy, to dark and menacing. From woozy to one that was more electric.

Did I succeed? You tell me.


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