One Four Challenge: November. Week 4 Money Plant

Money Plant

Here is Week 4 of November. Now, I really cannot figure out this new post system of WordPress, but I will struggle along

This time I did use some third party plug ins.

First, I used the DXO Film Pack, Then, I used Topaz’s new filter – Texture Effects, and these two are really cool plug ins. I got the Topaz one for a great price, actually.

After that, I brushed back the original colour on some of the leaves, and then I enhanced the green in them.

So, here you have it.. Week 4, with a bit of fun!

And, what you see above, are the images of the previous weeks…



  1. Very nice image Rajiv, the filters work well on this image. If I may be so bold as to suggest that I would have cropped some of the very light area or tried to darken it a little because it draws your eye. Your treatment gives this a strong and mysterious character.

    1. Thanks.. I take your suggestion on the lighter areas. I did apply a burn to it, but it was not enough..

      I am going to crop it.. I hesitate to crop. In general, I always try to get my composition to my liking in camera

      1. Well, you know me Rajiv, I crop and hack and trim! Actually I sometimes change the format in-camera, something I should do more often as I like a square format particularly.

      2. You know, there’s nothing sacrosanct about format. Although, like you, I aim to get the composition right in the camera, we often shoot in fluid situations, especially when in the street, and it’s almost impossible to ensure that there are no distractions on the edge of the frame, so editing and cropping are inevitable.

        This discussion reminds me that my camera has a number of format ratios and that it would be interesting to spend a day shooting only square or panoramic!

      3. Yes, I agree that on the street it is sometimes almost impossible to get everything right in camera. The last time I shot square was with an old Leica that my dad gave me. I want to buy some old, old cameras! Just for the heck of it..

      4. A friend has a good collection, though he tends to use the heritage lenses on his digital cameras where possible. there are some very good lenses about that are not too expensive.

  2. Nice job, I like the warmer colours on the walls. I have Texture FX but had some technical challenges with it so havent played as much as i would like so far. Good use of it here.

    1. They launched version 1 of Texture FX. Huge programmes, but I do like them.

      The one thing that I have learned, is to use them with care. Else, the end result can be quite outlandish

      1. Subtlety is the key to good effect with textures unless you REALLY want to go in the other direction and then you should go all in I think 🙂

      2. There is a lot more to TE than just textures, Im hoping to spend some time exploring its capabilites soon

  3. Brilliant shot Rajiv! I am so much in love with the colours of background. You brought a really great effect there 🙂 I adore colours a lot and that’s why the main subject sometimes get second chance to look onto.

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