Monochrome Madness. Clouds Over The Cricket Ground


To take this shot, I used a 12-24 on my D200, and kept the angle as wide as possible. The lights, therefore, are deliberately curved

This, by the way, is the Dharamshala Cricket Ground in North India. Lovely, eh, to play cricket with such clouds and the Dauladhar Mountains in the background?

Nature made the photograph possible.

Maybe, we should take the time to pay more attention to our world.


      1. I loved dark room work but my old Nikon EM has given up the ghost and although seeing an image appear in the tray was a bit of magic, I know I don’t have the patience anymore, nor a suitable space to set up a dark room….ah well, that’s what they call progress!

      2. I agree. Before middle aged madness overtook me and I decided to chuck up my corporate career for photography, I had a transferable job, and moving a dark room from city to city was impossible.

        But yes, seeing that image appear in the tray always generated that feeling of excitement, with its own bit of magic. I do miss that at times..

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