The Misstory Of My Hisstory… – Elephanta

Elephanta Caves, Bombay
                                                                                 Elephanta Caves, Bombay

Many moons ago, I started a blog called I abandoned it, because it took too much attention, to manage multiple blogs. It was cast in the form of a photographic journey.

I have decided to revisit this, and also to use this to talk about my ups and downs in my photographic journey.

Most of the time, as in the world of management, we see literature and examples of people who are fairly advanced along in their journey. Not many share the journey, to allow the world to see how it evolved.

I did think of cleaning up the image, and removing the scratches on the digital scans of the film. Then, I decided to leave them. We are so used to seeing oh-so perfect digital images, and the somewhat more artificial scratches generated by plug-ins that we forget what the scratches actually look like.

This photograph was taken at the Elephanta Caves, south of Bombay. This carving represents Shiva in one of his forms. If I remember well, this is his aspect of Nataraja, or The Lord of The Dance.

We speak of perfection. Focus on the absolutely perfect form of the temple carving.

Oh, I originally thought that I would call the “The Blast From The Past”, but I think Ed Mooney uses that, so I call it “The Misstory of my Hisstory”….

This is an old photograph, taken in my very early years, in this journey called photography.

Photography is, by the way, an exploration of the inner world as much as it is an exploration of the external world.


    1. Hi… Long time. That is what I am taking to reply!
      Well, from a compositional perspective, I would not change much here. The lower half of the carving is damaged, so it would not look good in the portrait format. I did try another angle, but the picture lost some drama
      However, when I shoot digital, I shoot many shots. When I shoot film, I walk around and keep looking through the eyepiece. When i find an angle I really like, then I shoot. I shoot B&W in film, so I do need to think differently compared to digital

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