One Four Challenge. Money Plant. Week Two


Week Two

So now, let me tell you about this little “project”…

I was in my cousin’s basement, shooting this little plant. We used one flash, with different umbrellas and one LED. I varied the position of the light, to have some fun.

Then, I chose about 10 pictures. Each was processed straight, with just some colour correction, like you saw last week. So, if you were to put the 10 pictures in a column, you would have Edit 1, Edit 2, Edit 3 etc, where the numbers refer to the number of the picture.

Then, I processed each picture differently. So you have Edit 1A, Edit 2A etc. 1A is different from 2A is different from 3A etc.

No third party plug was used in all these little excursions into Photoshop madness. I do not claim to be a PS expert, but it can be fun to play with colour…

In this case, I added a dodge and burn layer, and then added a gradient (B&W) layer. After which, I finished it with some curves etc…


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