If I May Be Allowed To Show Off….

Some of you may remember that I took off for a one week solo driving and photography trip in August. This was to Bundelkhand, in Central India.

For once, I wrote about it, and it got published, albeit in a small magazine, called “Terrascape”, in both, their online and print editions…

So, ladies and gentlemen, if I may be allowed a small bit of showing off, I am attaching the link to the article here.


This trip inspired me to come up with an extension to my “My Camera & My Chai Series”…

This will be “My Camera, Chai and Car”, series

I was tempted to use the Punjabi word, “Gaddi” instead of “Car”, but I figured that it is too tough to explain to everyone how to pronounce the word!


  1. Congratulations for getting your article published! I felt like I was with you on the journey. I might just admire that area from afar with the mites! Oh dear!

      1. Oh, the Rabbi was preaching to his flock, when a passing bird dropped its stuff on his bald pate…looking up at the Heavens, he cried out, “Praised be the Lord!”

        Puzzled, one of the people asked him why he was praising the Lord.

        The Rabbi looked at him and replied, “Now I understand why God did not give wings to the cows!”,

  2. You have every right to what You call ‘Showing off,’ my Dear Rajiv! Your work is Prodigious enough for that! …I do suspect that the magazine reduced the number of photographs in the post, most probably for space. Would have enjoyed More of them in addition to Your excellent account. …Keep them coming. Hearty Regards! 🙂

  3. Thanks for providing the link Rajiv you have wetted my appetite. Those falls are magnificent and some of the places you visited are already on my list, so I’m encouraged to return to the north again. Congratulations.

      1. It is a bit of real India..
        I want to go back to Ayodhya. I went there in 1992, and was there three weeks before, and three weeks after, the demolition of the Babri Masjid. It was a period of madness, hatred and violence. I have no photos.

        Anyway, one chap in Khajuraho told me that there are 5 sacred Bhoomis (Bhoomi is “land”). These are Braj Bhoomi (Vrindavan), Kala Bhoomi (Khajuraho), Tapas Bhoomi (Chitrakoot), Moksha Bhoomi (Benares ) and Karma Bhoomi (Ayodhya).

        I have photos of all except Ayodhya

      2. Yes.. The falls are near Panna, where they have a tiger reserve. In between is the magnificent Kalinjar Fort.. Off the tourist map..

      3. Thanks Rajiv. I very nearly visited Chitrakoot from Allahabad but went on to Varanasi instead. It’s possible that I will be visiting Kannur, Kerala in March but having spent more than expected this time I need to be saving hard or selling a few photos!

      4. I may go to Ujjain in May, and trek in a place called Har Ki Dun in April.

        The reason I was suggesting Jan, is that Allahabad has the annual Magh Mela at that time.

      5. Crowds, in general, can always be scary… But, if you look after your belongings well, then the experience can be quite rewarding

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