Ed’s History Challenge: Kashmere Gate

Kashmere Gate
                                                                                              Kashmere Gate

I have been uploading photos of Shahjahanabad, the Walled City of Delhi built by the Mughal emperor, ShahJahan.

The city had several gates, each with a name. Many of these were destroyed, some during the Mutiny of 1857. They were often named in the direction of the town / area to which they pointed.

Kashmere Gate was a prominent gate in the Mutiny of 1857. This is where the British forces (which, by the way, consisted of Indians) mounted the counter charge against the mutineers in Delhi. The Mughal Emperor had been reduced to Delhi, and the King (though a symbol of the Mutiny) was now referred to as the King of Delhi.

They British forces entered through Kashmere Gate and entered Delhi. Strangely, the plaque at the base of the gate eulogises the British forces.

Incidentally, most accounts of the Mutiny are remarkably one sided, and have been written by Western authors. It is only recently that much is being written about the mistakes that the British made, which led to the Mutiny.

The deliberate wedge that the British tried to drive between Hindus and Muslims, from 1858 laid the seeds for the division of India into India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Their (British) actions, in my view, and those of a few others also laid the seeds of much modern terrorism that affects the world today.


  1. I must agree with you Rajiv. Its a fact, many attrocities were committed by the old Empire accross the globe. Its something both our countries share in common. And its a damn shame people dont learn from the past, just look at the so called super powers in modern times, repeating the same bloody mistakes.

    Great image by the way, it was well worth waiting for 🙂

    1. Thanks… Yes, both our countries share that fate…
      It is a pity, because these same super powers actually preach ethics… Hypocrisy ?

      I may show you one more gate next week..

      1. Deadly, Im looking forward to it. I never would have considered travelling to India before, but it is now one of my top places to visit. I just need to win the lottery and find a babysitter 🙂

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