The Minstrels In The Gallery…

The Minstrels In The Gallery
                                                                        The Minstrels In The Gallery

For those Jethro Tull fans out there, you may remember when Ian Anderson and his band of merry minstrels were at the peak of their creative powers.

Well, I took a photo of this pair of froggy minstrels with my Samsung Mobile, and edited it with Adobe Photoshop Mobile or something like that.

A fun photo, I think, for a great band.


  1. oh now that takes me back in Time 🙂 I have seen them many times, he is one of my favorites
    I have enjoyed listening as he plays with the Blackmore Night’s, I’ve worn out several CD’s with them
    Wonderful image 🙂
    Take Care…You Matter…

    1. Ian Anderson played with Blackmore’s Night? I tried to find this but could not. I did discover Blackmore’s Night though, and they are good. Which of their albums do you recommend?

      I stopped following Richie Blackmore when he created Rainbow. I found the material they produced to be very uneven. They do have a wonderful song called “Stargazer”, though

      1. I think The Village Lantern is my favorite,
        I didn’t really like Rainbow either…

        I read an interview in i think the Faerie Magazine and Ian Anderson was part of it and he was in a photograph with them…I know he was playing with them in 2002 he did Play Minstrel Play
        I grew up listening to Jethro Tull 🙂 I saw them many many times in concert, and I think I have every album they ever made, when I was stationed in Germany their music was my end of the day play it loud moment LOLs

        I need my morning coffee, I just came back from my morning walk 🙂
        I will leave you with my favorite song
        Have a wonderful day Rajiv
        Take Care…You Matter…maryrose

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