The Dispatches Of Hira Singh: Rebirth…. With Your Kind Permission….

Hira Singh and the platoon were led to safety many years ago, by the remarkable Ranjoor Singh. It is a rather remarkable tale of leadership, courage, faithlessness, faith and strength of will.

Various quotations were extracted from the book, and Hira Singh gently helped me in my cogitations about the same. Hira Singh was a very wise man indeed, and after I had finished the last of his dispatches, I despatched him back to the musty pages of history.

However, on reflection, I thought that I just could not leave him there, consigned forever in the dusty pages, to lie forgotten, while the rolling mists cover the tale of that rather fantastic escape, and the philosophical musings that sprung up as a consequence.

I felt that the wisdom of Hira Singh needed to be revived, and so I went into the pages of his story and spoke to him. After much discussion and hesitation on his part, he agreed to help me with some more rambling thoughts about some interesting things that I may come across in my rambling across the mossy pages of things written.

Sadly, these would mostly be quotes from the English, though once in a way, something from Hindi, or Punjabi or even Sanskrit may find its way here.

So, ladies and gentlemen, with your kind permission, I would like to ask that Hira Singh be allowed to continue with his dispatches from time to time.

Would you agree to this?


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