My Camera And My Chai: In Praise Of Pinkness ;)

My Camera And My Chai
My Camera And My Chai

I have written some relatively depressing stuff recently, and I think I need to shift gears before I return to this topic.

Now, there are these ladies who are obsessed with Pink. They call each other Bling. If they were men, I would call them The King Of Bling.

Since they are charming ladies, I shall call them The Highness of Blingness.

They know that I am all about black. Black is royal. Black is cool. Ask The Dark Bride if you don’t believe me.

However, there is some pink that is cool. I shudder when I say this.

Pink is cool?

My, my.. How could I possibly say this.

But, in the world of The Undertaker (and, he is all black… He is The Man in Black), there was a rather sporting gent who had, as was described as ‘high cholesterol hair’. This gent used to wear Pink & Black.

Pink & Black?

Yikes!!! I am petrified at the thought…

Yet, he owned Pink & Black. Note, however, how the Black raised the Pink….

And, in the world of music, there is Floyd… You know them… Pink Floyd.

Those gents rock. One of the most inventive bands ever, and one of the most consistent.

Yet, Floyd was needed to raise the Pink.

But….. sometimes, with a wee bit of help…. Pink can………. I shudder at the thought of writing another word…..



  1. OH wow you embraced the Pink! I’m so touched by this! Wow and proud that you wrote about it and see the Pink worked because it lifted your countenance! AWE! I tell you what you made my day! This is so wonderful! I feel like showering you with so much pink art but I know this is huge for you so I will honor your Pink and Black and thank you for the bottom of my Pink Heart! I thank you! We thank you! You blew me away with this! I can’t stop smiling! WOW! ✿✿✿✿✿

  2. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It! and commented:
    You guys have to check this out! Rajiv I’m afraid to say has embraced his Pink side! Pink Floyd we can say that if it makes him feel better! This touched me that the King of Black is trying a little pink today! ✿ ✿

    1. Aaaargh! Lucky you! But yes… They are brilliant. Do you know that “The Endless River” is the last album they will release? It is the end of Pink Floyd

      1. Yeah. It seems much of the material is left over recording from “The Division Bell”. The title of the album “Endless River” is in the last line of the last song (High Hopes) of The Division Bell album

      2. Yup. I saw them again at concerts which were given at the Oakland Coliseum in the 70’s. What a crazy time that was. The concerts were called “Day on the Green”. Days on the Green concerts were through the 70’s and 80’s and produced by Bill Graham. I went to so many of those in my crazy days lol. Here’s a review of the PF concert I went to back then. If you ever google day on the green videos, you will see how crazy it was.

      3. Ah… The 70’s… They were crazy… Our version of Saturday Night Fever was to go to the football field at night, and smoke weed all night under the stars…

        Once, at 3 am, we had a storm. As the storm raged, we left my room ( I was in hostel) door and windows open, smoked some weed and played “Riders On The Storm” by The Doors…. That was surreal… Shall never forget that

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